imagesWhat do Cheese, Beds, Crows, Lips, Lipps, and Shovels all have in common? Well the readers and followers of Vinyl Magazine might be finding out sooner than later as I set out this weekend to cover the Forecastle Festival in Louisville, KY.

Forecastle, which in essence reminds me of Athen’s very own AthFest (which as I have worked for the past two Athfests in many capacities, a very delayed AthFest review should be and possibly will be posted here, but that’s for another time and place…), was founded in 2002 and has grown immensely. In addition to featuring a who’s who of musical acts such as The Black Keys, Widespread Panic, My Morning Jacket, Bassnectar, the Flaming Lips, Band of Horses, Sleater-Kinney, and The Avett Brothers, Forecastle has consistently promoted local artists as well as focusing on environmental activism and outdoor recreation.

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Forecastle 2013


SXSW Music Recap Day 3: Friday, March 15, 2013

Day 3Friday was filled with music on music on music. But isn’t that how everyday at SX is supposed to be? Awesome, to say the least. This day was full of now new favorite bands and getting to see those I had been waiting and dying to see.

The Windish Agency Annual Day Party @ House of Vans at Mohawk

  • Jetta- Coming all the way to England, Jetta is one of those artists you just feel there are about to explode into the mainstream. She has been compared to the likes of Solange and Florence. She is the former backing vocalist for Paloma Faith and Cee-Lo, and has gained popularity wit her single “Start a Riot”. Listening to Jetta was not a bad way to start out the day. Give her single a listen…
  • K.I.D.S.- Going with the trend and reemergence of sonic pop. Also hailing from across the pond, this due made up of Charles Cave, bassist for White Lies, and Stockholm’s Rosanna Munter, K.I.D.S made their live debut at SX. Their performance that week at Clive Bar was their very first live show…EVER. Not a bad way to kick things off than at SX…
  • Austra- This was actually my second time seeing Austra this week, first was at Hype Hotel where they sounded ok, but really just think the music quality in that warehouse/construction zone was not really conducive for optimum sound quality (endless drinks, yes, epic concert sound, not so much). When you have a lead singer stating something like this below, you’ve got my FULL attention.

“I used to write songs with the intention that people would listen to it in their headphones when they needed to escape. Now I keep the same mentality, but also want people to be able to dance and completely lose themselves in a more physical way. If I can emotionally stimulate the mind and the body through music, I’ll feel like I’ve accomplished something significant.”

I had heard of Austra before, but never seen them live, or even really listened to their music. Their samples online are nothing compared to the energy on those SX stages as they got the crowds in complete dance party mode, even if it was at 3:15, outside, in the sun, on the hottest day of SX.

  • Toro Y Moi- After doing my undergrad at Clemson University in SC, SC is a second home, and I was extremely excited to see some SC represented in Austin via Toro Y Moi (although I now believe he hails from Berkley, CA- all is forgiven). Within his tracks you hear R&B, jazz, funk, all mixed in a package of chill-out pop. The crowd was groovin all afternoon and Toro Y Moi delivered to my expectations.


  • Alt-J (∆)- Holy Crap. What can I say? They were mesmerizing, intoxicating, and unlike anything I have seen. I don’t even know what genre I could even put Alt-J in. Placing a title or genre on this band would be putting them in a box, and they have have already proved they don’t belong in just any old box.  Just give a listen, I promise you won’t regret it.


Time Out North America @ Stubb’s 

  • The Mowgli’s- If you live on the West Coast odds are you have heard the Mowgli’s. If not, get out from under your rock and have yourself a listen. The Mowgli’s came on my radar a couple of months ago and had been excited ever since to see them down in Austin. Now, a warning. Their energy is unlike anything I have seen on stage in a long while and this bubbliness translates greatly over into their music. So if you are not a fan of bubbly, pop, group, almost a reincarnation of the Mamas and the Papas. As one reviewer put it:IMG_2828_Fotor_20130404

The Mowgli’s can’t be introspective because there are eight people singing at any one time. Listening to them is like hitch-hiking and getting invited into a van of smiling hippies without any weird hang-ups.


Their stage presence was one of a group that truly loves each other (as they are pretty much all childhood friends) and loves playing music. Sometimes with bands this is a facade, with The Mowgli’s, you can fell the genuineness and soul of this group. I am in complete hippy bubbly love with The Mowgli’s.

The Madison House Review @ Holy Mountain Backyard 

I’m not really going to review or put my two cents in about these individual groups, pretty much because this was not my first time seeing them. I will say if you want a funky good time and one of these bands is playing near you, don’t miss out!

  • The Revivalists 
  • Soul Rebels


  • JJ Grey & Mofro- With the energy of a Sunday preacher just singing into your soul- this is JJ Grey & Mofro. The stage is his pulpit and music becomes your religion.
  • Ivan Neville’s Dumpstaphunk- Any time you see Dumpstaphunk, it is a guaranteed funky time.
  • Keys N Krates- One of the most impressive electronic groups I have come across. Their set at the MH Party made ma actually excited for electronic music again- which is hard when audiences are completely bombarded with the likes of Skrillex and other forms of robots having sex sounding dubstep. Gross. Although there was a slight bass drop here and there, nothing was in your face. KNK tapped into the ever growing genre of Trap music and brought a vibe that would have started any party.

  • Lance Herbstrong -We only stayed for part of the set, so give yourself a listen and judge for yourself!

2 more SX days of Music left to review!


SXSW Music Recap Day 2: Thursday, March 14, 2013

day 2Thursday was a pretty packed day at SX. From the day parties to the the late night showcases, Thursday proved to be one of the best days I had in Austin.

Before getting into the music, I must share this place we went and devoured breakfast/brunch at: BACON. (and yes that is the actual name) As soon as we arrived, the foodie within me leaped for joy. This place was a sure find! They use fresh and locally sourced ingredients and offer a variety of home-cured flavors of bacon.IMG_2758

I sampled some of this infamous bacon (the flavors of Vanilla and something else I can’t quite remember bacon and their 1/4 inch hickory bacon) on some of their breakfast tacos- which by the way, when in Austin one must start the day with breakfast tacos. In addition to brunch, they have great lunch offerings including salads, burgers, etc. All I have to say is if you like bacon and amazing food with a local touch…GO TO BACON…NOW!

Now onto the tunes…

Waterloo Records Day Parties: The Airborne Toxic Event 

  • This alternative indie rock band was delighting the crowd as we walked up from our breakfast of bacon. With the release of their third album, this band is known for their blending of rock and orchestral arrangements. According to the LA Times, their music is “Poetry you can dance to…nothing short of amazing.” I have to agree. 

New West Records SXSW 2013 Day Party @ Threadgills (South) 

sxsw2013-partyThis day party was one of the best- amazing people, great venue, good food, incredible margaritas (probably the best I’ve ever had, thanks to the Threadgills bar staff), and wonderful music…

  • John Hiatt: He is a legend in his own right. He is an American rock guitarist, pianist, singer, and songwriter. He has played a variety of musical styles on his albums, including New Wave, blues and country. Check out his performance from the New West Records Day Party below.

House of Vans at Mohawk: Pacific Air ( San Diego, CA)

  • Pacific Air: You can almost feel the California sunshine and cool sea breezes through this duo’s smooth indie pop sounds. Formerly known as KO KO, Pacific Air caught my attention when I was least expecting it. Their popularity began to rise after Ra Ra Riot remixed their single “Float”. They have opened for bands such as Passion Pit and Ra Ra Riot.

Ninja Tune at Elysium: Jesse Boykins III (NY, NY) & Bonobo (London, UK-England)

  • Jesse Boykins III: One word: SCHWAZA! The word was used that night to encompass the moments that were happening between Jesse Boykins III and the crowd at Elysium that night. The meaning and origin of this special word can be found in this interview Jesse had with Earmilk. His performance was so unique to anything I have really experienced before. With his DJ mixing in the back, Jesse Boykins III took us on a journey with his poetry and energy. His recordings are great, but they do not compare to what everyone at that venue was treated to that night- SCHWAZA!
  • Bonobo: If you are a fan of the sounds of Emancipator and Lotus, then you must already know Bonobo. If not, let me take a minute and introduce you. He is a melodic, down tempo, electronic genius. His hypnotic sounds had the entire venue receptively dancing his entire set. 

APA Electronic at Buffalo Billards: DJ BL3ND (LA, CA) & Paul Oakenfold (LA, CA)

  • DJ BL3ND: What a lunatic. But I think I kind of liked it- I think?, especially at midnight when you’re trying to hang on from a long SX day. Nothing particularly out of the ordinary of what I’ve heard before, hard beats, heavy base, mixes of popular songs, all being made my a mask wearing, champagne spraying DJ hyping up a crowd of maybe 200+. 
  • Paul Oakenfold: What can I say, I was front row of basically the one DJ who introduced house music to the world. He is a two time Grammy nominated DJ, remixer, and his knowledge of the genre and sound of dance music makes him the pioneer of the genre and a game changer for many. Oakenfold’s popularity and style paved the way for many dance DJs to follow. In the world of club/house/trance music, Oakenfold is a legend. Even though not in the ideal venue, with a crowd that only the word SUCKS can be used to describe, it was till worth the time to see this man in action.


Stay Tuned for Day 3 Recap: including reviews of Toro Y Moi, Alt-J, The Mowgli’s, The Revivalists, Soul Rebels, JJ Grey & Mofro, Dumpstaphunk, & Keys N Krates


SXSW Music Recap Day 1: Wednesday, March 13, 2013

austinAlthough SXSW has been over nearly a week now, I’ve finally been able to sit down and gather some thoughts about my days spent moving from venue to venue in Austin, being fueled by tacos, redbulls, and bloody-marys (and water of course), being extremely sleep deprived, and having one of the most incredible and memorable music experiences. Even though I’m not starting with SXSW Music’s “day 1,” I’m going to start with my first day at SX…and here we go…

First thing was first- after arrival, pick up wristbands. (I was fortunate enough to have a friend living in Austin get us wristbands) This day was already planned to be one where we would just take everything in, get familiar with downtown and see whoever we happened to see. Did a little stop in to the Hype Hotel. Don’t remember who I saw to be honest, but open bar and free food? I was starting to understand this SXSW thing…

photo copy 6

Later that evening…

VEVO TV CONTROL ROOM: DJ Earworm (San Francisco, CA) & Krewella (Chicago, IL)

First and foremost, I will mention I was not at SX to see electronic focused/dj/blahblahblahcrap/ whatever you would like to call it, BUT to hang out with friends, an open bar, cool party atmosphere- figured I couldn’t go wrong for my first night at SX. I’m not going to even review what I heard or the chaos this party ended up being, but if you want to hear what these two sounded like, literally just youtube them (they sound the same on youtube as “live”.

The rest of the night was just spent moving from venue to venue. Hit up the Paste & HGTV Stage on 6th amongst others. Finished the night off at:

CLUB DE VILLE: Half Moon Run (Montreal, QC) & The Neighbourhood (Los Angeles, CA)

  • Half Moon Run: Caught the tail in of their performance, but buzz around SX is that they are one of those up and coming bands you should look out for. They feed into the trend music is heading into- some say hipster electro jam, I say a progressive electrofused psychedelic journey of complete chill mode. 
  • The Neighbourhood: This band was highly anticipated and the excitement surrounding them was electrifying. As you stood in the crowd there was a sense that you were about to be immersed into their world. This band had it all- sex appeal, delicious pop rock sounds with some hip-hop influence, and that indie vibe so many are really into lately. They were definitely a top favorite for me from SX. 


Check back tomorrow for SX Day 2 in Review!


SXSW- Where’s Fluffy?

thIf you’ve ever seen the movie Nick & Norah’s Infamous Playlist you could possibly have an idea of what I’m referring to when I say “Where’s Fluffy?” If you have no idea what the hell I am possibly talking about here’s a short movie synopsis: The band Fluffy (or maybe the band’s name is Where’s Fluffy?- either or, doesn’t matter…) The band plays “secret shows” and throughout the whole movie everyone tries to find them via clues, and going to different venues just to find out the band will be playing somewhere else…maybe you can see where I’m going with this…

To me, this is South By…making sure you are following every sort of social media and every sort of person that may have some insider information on Where Fluffy is playing…or in this present case, Prince?

For those who like a tight and set schedule, you may find the abundance that is South By no less than overwhelming. Going into this adventure I’ve done my share of Twitter follows, website show rundowns and my own sickening OCD-esq spread sheets (sorted by days, times, bands, alphabetized- yeah it’s gross). With the festival already well underway, I can assume many have already done their own research, follows, etc. BUT just incase you’re last minute, sitting up in the air, on your flight to Austin, using the slow as ever hell internet (if you can’t catch my drift this is where this blog and my internet frustration is coming from) I’m jotting down my Go-To list of Twitter accounts to follow and in this 11th hour, one of the best party schedule websites I’ve found.

Twitter Accounts:















@SXSW (official)











The Website That has gotten most use during this time of last minute planning:




SXSW: Let’s Get Packing

austinI’ll be the first to admit, I’m a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed newbie. I have never been, and besides the thousands upon thousands of people infiltrating the streets of Austin, I’m expecting nothing in order to be surprised. Although SXSW has just begun, my arrival isn’t until a couple more days- giving me some time to prepare after a hell-ish week of midterms only other graduate students could probably relate to (these aren’t your average undergrad midterm weeks folks). To start off my posts about & from SXSW, I thought I’d start with the most pressing issue for me currently:

So what the heck to bring? (and why should you care because I’ve never been…)

Although true, I pride myself on my list making and packing abilities. After talking and doing a little research of my own, here are the essentials that I’m bringing:

  • WATER & Hydrate!: From other festival experiences I’m going with a camelback- killing two birds with one stone: a small bag to have throughout the entire day and water to keep me going.
  • COMFY SHOES: I’m not a tennis shoe person, and probably never will be unless we’re talking about going to the gym here. I got some of the most comfy sandals & Sanuk Sidewalk Surfers- I’ll let you know how this goes
  • MINTS/Colgate Wisps: Mints are a given, but these Colgate Wisps have saved me time and time again in my travels. Both are essential when meeting & talking to people, say after eating all those breakfast tacos?
  • COCONUT WATER/EMERGEN-C/ALLERGY MEDS: To me, coconut water is the nectar of the Gods. Got a hangover? It will cure it. Feeling dehydrated like a desert, drink some of this and you’ll be hydrated like a fish. Starting & ending the day with one doesn’t sound like a bad idea. Emergen-c in a hope to ward off the South By SCURVY/SARS or whatever airborne diseases contracted during this week. And the ever faithful allergy meds, just in case.
  • PROTEIN BARS: pack one or two for the day, incase you miss out on the tacos/BBQ/Burgers, etc…don’t want to be hungry
  • ANTI-BAC, self explanatory
  • CHARGERS/BACKUP JUICE: I’m bringing extra chargers, portable chargers to keep my phone up and going. Also, make sure to pack these extras with you each day!
  • BUSINESS CARDS: but don’t make it rain with your business cards. MEET PEOPLE. and make these connections count
  • RAINCOAT: Apparently it rains at least one day, don’t be left out in the rain, literally.
  • NEUTROGENA MAKEUP WIPES: I’m partial to this brand, and any girl knows these or any other kind make for a great face refresher
  • CASH $$$$$: This coming from the girl who NEVER carries cash, I’ve been told “BRING CASH”
  • ATTITUDE of GO WITH THE FLOW: going back to expect nothing and be surprised, I have parties I would love to go be in, but if I don’t get in in, it’s not the end of the world. There is so much going on this week that you will always be missing out on something, so just have fun, enjoy and make the most out of every moment of where you are.




….Stay tuned for updates, parties, do’s & don’ts, packing lists & preparation, and SXSW madness…

We’ve Survived the Storm, We’ll Survive the Judgements

All I can do is watch. Watch from afar, watch the news and video streams. Watch bridges I’ve driven on many times meet the ocean and witness beaches made of lifetimes of memories become nonexistent. In this current moment I am sitting in my well lit, well heated, well stocked with food graduate school apartment, 900 miles away in a place I will never consider my home, while my real home, my true home, is in grips of uncertainty, fear, heartbreak, with a sense of prevail. And all I can do is watch.

Over the past couple of days I have heard things that have left me in disappointment with my fellow peers. Maybe these have been passing words created from a true unknowing and unawareness or maybe it’s just plain ignorance. Whichever the case, these comments, jokes, whatever you would call such remarks have brought me to write such a post. Below I offer you my perspective and maybe after, you will have a better understanding of what Sandy has really done…

  1. This is not a Katrina. This is not a Hugo. This was Sandy- The full impact and devastation of Katrina could only possibly be felt and understood by those who where there. The residents of destroyed Gulf Coast cities and a demolished New Orleans lost everything they owned. Everything. In some perspectives New Jersey is being looked at as a loss of beach homes, second homes, homes of the wealthy. The destruction and severity of this storm is being downgraded by comments such as these. Though true, many homes along the New Jersey coast line are that of second homes, and yes you can even say homes of those who fall in the upperclass, but between those vacations homes around those areas there are HOMES and LIVES of year round residents- those who call the NJ Shore HOME and not a VACATION. Livelihoods where built here, children group up here- the Shore is as home as any suburb or apartment anywhere else, the only difference was these Shore residents where blessed with the gift of the ocean in their grasps 24/7.In addition to these residents, stop and think of a place where you went to every year, or have the best memories of your life, or places that define your childhood- now imagine them gone. All of those places gone. All we have left now are those memories and we will rebuild a new and better Jersey Shore.
  2. This is not the same- I’ve heard Sandy compared to Hugo. Something people not from the Tri-State area need to understand that unlike the south where there is space and openness at the beaches, NJ, NY, LI, CT…we are a densely populated area. And yes I know with Hugo, Charleston & Myrtle Beach where hit bad, really bad. But in reality there is no comparison. Our beaches and shore cities are not the same. I’m not sitting here trying to lessen Hugo’s impact on the southern beach towns and cities, I am simply saying these where not the same storms and these are not the same states and cities.
  3. We are not a reality show– We are not guidos, we are not housewives in mansions, we are not out-of-control hair dressers, we are real people. Since the show Jersey Shore came out I have endured the jokes- which have been fine- but the jokes stop here. Do not tell me as I watch my fellow New Jersians paddle on air mattresses to get out of their houses in order to find food that God did this to Seaside Heights and the rest of NJ for ever filming such garbage…because God had to take the garbage out. Do not tell me at least our beaches will be cleaner now- you have never seen just how beautiful, pristine, and magically our beaches truly where and are. If you have jokes, keep them to yourselves and then think, for just a moment, if you where sitting in your apartment and you had to watch everyplace you know, and grew up making memories at underwater, and your neighbors and friends without power, water, and gas, all while there is 4 ft of water outside their front door, if you would want to hear jokes. This lack of sensitivity has been breaking my heart.
  4. It’s only the rich people- Individuals with an income that qualifies them to be labeled as upperclass are not the only people the live in NJ. Everyday people live here too- those of hard working, blue-collar, middle class people. Practically everyone has been left with no power, a few here and there have power, many which have opened their doors to those in need. In northern NJ you will find those people who have lost everything, those who are not the “rich people”, but those who cannot go back to their homes that they had to evacuate, those who’s lives will be ever changed by this storm. EVERYONE is affected by this storm…the storm didn’t just target the rich people with summer beach homes of NJ…every class, every race, everyone who has ever called this beautiful state their home is affected by this storm of a lifetime. The Shore is destroyed, but please there are people in other parts of this state who are in need and who have lost everything because of this storm.

My family doesn’t own their own beach house, our house sustained wind damage and slight water damage, but my parents are without and will be without power for who knows how much longer. We are the lucky ones, the blessed ones. But just because we didn’t lose all of our belonging doesn’t mean we aren’t right in it with everyone else. NJ (for the most part) DOES NOT HAVE POWER, people do NOT HAVE FOOD, Gas is running out, Jobs have been lost…

…we will rebuild, we will prevail, but in the meantime we shouldn’t have to be surviving through judgements, comments, jokes and insensitivity on top of the floods and devastation.

Above is the Mantoloking Bridge- the bridge I’ve driven over many times now meets the Atlantic.


Above is Chadwick Island where one of my best friend’s parents live (all year round) down the shore. For the past 11 years I have spent parts of my summer at their home, which they now may not be able to get back to for 5+ months.

Jersey Strong.

14 weeks until the Forest

With 14 weeks remaining it’s time to start thinking about the artists who will be gracing the forest with their presence. I’m not claiming to be any kind of music expert here- I consider myself to be open to all types. This post and those that will follow will just be based on my own personal preferences. So in other words, If I don’t like a particular artist my apologies to their fans, because through your eyes they probably kick ass.

Starting with the initial Electric Forest lineup, starting with the bottom up, this post is going to take a look at DJ SOLO, Ataxia, The Crane Wives, Secrets, WALA, and Human Agency- Who are they? What are their sounds? And most importantly, am I going to go listen?

DJ SOLO– Hailing from Chicago this self proclaimed ” Half electronic bass-head, half punk-rocker-anarchist and all around mad scientist,” is all of that and more. As he paves the way with dubstep/drumstep and the mass scene, he is known for his turntablism, trick mixing techniques, and his performances. He is a member of the SOUL ASSASSINS and Chalice Dubs, and has produced for the likes of Everlast, Planet Asia, Adil Omar, and others.

First off, I must say I’m a sucker for mashups/remixes, but when it comes to some dubstep, and I don’t know if picky is even the right word, but I’m picky- honestly, I have to be in a certain mood for some of it and some beats just don’t really do it for me. But if you love mashups and love you some dubstep- DJ SOLO might just be a prime choice for you. – Click on his website linked above and check out some freebie songs for your enjoyment- enjoy the face melting

Ataxia– Alright boys, now we’re talking. I’m originally from New Jersey, so by default electronic dance music is in my blood. I defiantly wouldn’t mind checking out this dance music duo at the Forest. Check them out and be pleasantly surprised, could defiantly see chilling to Ataxia or listening to them to get the party started.

 The Crane Wives– This is what I love about the Electric Forest: on one hand you have all the artists that live up the “ELECTRIC”ness of the forest, but on the other, you have those who are folk, bluegrass, indie, etc; and this is where the Crane Wives fit in with their indie-folk sounds. Their album “Safe Ship, Harbored” debuted in April 2011.

Secrets– I don’t know if my research skills are lacking, but I couldn’t figure out what Secrets will be the one performing at the EF- so if anyone wants to point me in the right direction please feel free!

WALA-Ok, I’m kind of a fan now and I went a little sharing happy below. Now I said before I’m “picky” with my dubstep, and WALA is just my speed (even though some sound clips were a little bass heavy for my liking, I couldn’t get enough of the 3 I shared below). Her music is that of heavy bass infused with middle-eastern and Indian sounds and I can say I’m excited to check her out come Forest time.

Human Agency–  Upon reading that Human Agency has shared the stage with the likes of Emancipator, Shpongle, RJD2, The New Deal, and Little People- I had an inkling I would be liking their sounds. Reminded me a lot of Emancipator and could defiantly just chill to their music. This Denver duo “cultivate organically sampled production and rhythms, while infusing them with a chemical twist. Using dance styles and instrumental performances, they are formless in style and pool listeners from many sounds”. – I’d say this is another one added to the list for viewing pleasure at the Forest!

Meet me in the FOREST…

I’ve heard it’s a magical place. A special place. A life changing place. A place that once visited, will never be forgotten. Those are some pretty strong adjectives of a music festival. Then again, how should I know?- I’ve never been. How much music has become a part of my life, it even shocks me that I’ve yet to venture to such a festival, until this summer when I’ll be packing the car up and making the 874 mile, 15 hours 9 minutes to Rothbury, Michigan- birthplace of the Rothbury Festival which in 2011 became the Electric Forest.

With 4 months anticipation, I’ve decided to calm my over excitement by weekly exploring and reviewing all the bands from the initial lineup. Obviously the headliners were the biggest draw for me, and I have seen/heard of many of the other incredible bands on the lineup, but I’m mainly just plain curious about all the others. With knowing that it is not physically/humanly possible to catch all the acts that will performing, perhaps this (along with any suggestions-which are also welcome) will also streamline my show schedule.

See you in the Forest!

Electric Forest- June 28th – July 1st, 2012

Initial Lineup

The String Cheese Incident (3 Shows) – Bassnectar – STS9 (2 Shows) – Thievery Corporation – GirlTalk – Santigold – Steve Aoki – Ghostland Observatory – Richie Hawtin – Wolfgang Gartner – Major Lazer – The Travelin’ McCourys featuring Keller Williams – Dada Life – Big Gigantic – Datsik – Zeds Dead – 12th Planet – Borgore – Midnite – MiMOSA – EOTO – Das Racist – Reggie Watts – Rob Garza (Of Thievery Corporation) – Ivan Neville’s Dumpstaphunk – Paper Diamond – Felix Cartal – Gary Clark Jr. – Balkan Beat Box – Big Freedia – NiT GriT – The Infamous Stringdusters – Nickodemus – Chali 2na & the House of Vibe – Alvin Risk – The Soul Rebels – See-I – Glass Candy – Battles – Crizzly – Gramatik – Elephant Revival – Thunderball – Minnesota – Nobody Beats The Drum – Congo Sanchez – Fruit Bats –  The M Machine – Chromatics – Pictureplane – AutoErotique – Nathaniel Rateliff – Adventure Club – Afrolicious – Virtual Boy – The Funk Ark – Franki Chan – Brothers Past – HOTTUB – Zoogma – Cherub – Frank Mitchell Jr. – The Knocks – Vau de Vire Society – Morning Teleportation – DrFameus – Robert Rich – Quixotic – Chuck Flask & Keith Kemp – DJ SOLO – Ataxia- The Crane Wives – Secrets – WALA – Human Agency