SXSW- Where’s Fluffy?

thIf you’ve ever seen the movie Nick & Norah’s Infamous Playlist you could possibly have an idea of what I’m referring to when I say “Where’s Fluffy?” If you have no idea what the hell I am possibly talking about here’s a short movie synopsis: The band Fluffy (or maybe the band’s name is Where’s Fluffy?- either or, doesn’t matter…) The band plays “secret shows” and throughout the whole movie everyone tries to find them via clues, and going to different venues just to find out the band will be playing somewhere else…maybe you can see where I’m going with this…

To me, this is South By…making sure you are following every sort of social media and every sort of person that may have some insider information on Where Fluffy is playing…or in this present case, Prince?

For those who like a tight and set schedule, you may find the abundance that is South By no less than overwhelming. Going into this adventure I’ve done my share of Twitter follows, website show rundowns and my own sickening OCD-esq spread sheets (sorted by days, times, bands, alphabetized- yeah it’s gross). With the festival already well underway, I can assume many have already done their own research, follows, etc. BUT just incase you’re last minute, sitting up in the air, on your flight to Austin, using the slow as ever hell internet (if you can’t catch my drift this is where this blog and my internet frustration is coming from) I’m jotting down my Go-To list of Twitter accounts to follow and in this 11th hour, one of the best party schedule websites I’ve found.

Twitter Accounts:















@SXSW (official)











The Website That has gotten most use during this time of last minute planning:





Big Data (Really Gets Me)

Big Data (Really Gets Me)

During the spring 2012 semester, a graduate seminar at The University of Georgia (The New Media Institute at the Grady College of Journalism) consisting of 9 students (myself included) took on the task of explaining the recent and ever growing, popular, technological topic of Big Data. What is it? What can companies do with it? Who has my information? Is my Facebook profile safe?

The finished product is the completed Big Data Magazine which is provided through the link found above and more information can be found on our¬†blog.¬†Pioneers, major players and application proposals for Facebook’s Open Graph are topics covered in this publication.

This entire project forced us to think out of the box and go out of comfort zones. I hope you find this magazine and blog informative and thought provoking.

The Next Wave: Pinterest

Addictive is an understatement. “Just until I get to the bottom of the page then I’ll stop…Ok one more refresh and one more scroll through…” Sometimes I almost feel like how did we ever live without this thing we call PINTEREST? But whoever thought up of this idea was a genius; not because I can waste hours of my personal time (time I probably should be reading literary articles for my grad classes) and not because I can keep everything that relates to my individual identity, likes, desires, aspirations, etc. all in one collected organized place, but because this is the next step in social media- format, use, direction-everything. Though the user can share his/her likes, the posting (or in this case pinning) is less than the usual Facebook BAM IN YOUR FACE THIS IS WHAT I DID THIS WEEKEND AND NOW IT’S ALL OVER YOU’RE NEWSFEED, and more personal and not so invasive. From these personal pins to user collaborations, those in the social media fields take note.