Couple’s Wedding Tailgate Shower

Clemson Tailgate Shower
Clemson Tailgate Shower

A wedding shower…at a tailgate? “Crazy!”, said some. “I don’t understand?!”, said others.  There was madness behind my genius. Allow me to give you some background. I’m the MOH for my best friend from college’s (we went to Clemson- GO TIGERS!) wedding in this coming May. With half of the bridesmaids and college friends still living in the southeast it would be hard for many of us to make it to the bride’s home state of Ohio for many prior wedding functions.

With the couple’s love of Clemson football and their friends wanting to celebrate their engagement and approaching wedding, a tailgate designed to honor the couple was created. In essence it was the tailgate we were too poor in college to put on ourselves or too drunk to even attempt such a civilized event (just being honest here). Southern chic was the overall theme with a Clemson touch. Hope you enjoy the Pinterest-esq photos and please feel free to leave any questions!

Congrats Jen & Mark!


SXSW Music Recap Day 4: March 16, 2013

IMG_2871Day 4 proved to be the day for day parties. Started the day on 6th Street attending the MPress Records’ day party featuring The Balconies, Rachael Sage, Melissa Ferrick, Seth Glier, A Fragile Tomorrow, Jesca Hoop, and A House for Lions. Unfortunately I’m not sure who I was able to catch at the party due to the extremely packed capacity. Bummer. Next move was literally across the street to the Oh La La Records day party. Don’t know if I just caught the tail end of the party, but for how great of a party it was or possibly had been there was such a lack of attendance. Besides the point, onto the music. I was able to catch Lightouts hailing from Brooklyn. As a northerner their sound and just shear fact they are from NY made me a tad bit homesick, but moving a long from the sappiness…

  • Lightouts: They have this rock-indie alternative sound that I’m just really digging. The songs are guitar driven and just so damn catchy in my opinion. One of my personal favorites “See Clear” I have shared below. But if you are really indo some indie rock, I really encourage you to check out their entire album Want. BTW just a shout out to the guys of the band for giving away their album at the showcase- I have absolutely been loving it! 


The rest of the day was spend at the Georgia Theatre, Terminal West & 40 Watt Present: The Place To Be at Empire Automotive. Literally, this party was home to me (as I do live in Athens, GA). It was great to have familiarity down at SX and to see friendly faces all around.IMG_2862 The Lineup Included: Thomas Wynn and the Believers, The District Attorney’s, Roadkill Ghost Choir, Futurebirds, Moon Taxi, Swear and Shake, New Madrid, Easter Island, Glossary, and Pollies: Pretty much all Athens/Georgia favorites and staples. Here’s just a few samples from these awesome bands:

IMG_2872Later that night I headed to the Austin City Limits Live Stage to listen to the legend John Fogerty. First off, awesome venue. As soon as Fogerty took stage the entire show was a complete sing-a-long. Love or hate Creedence Clearwater Revival, I love. This was my first time and first opportunity ever to see Fogerty perform and I was not about to pass it up. Every song as a CCR fan and Fogerty fan you wanted to hear was played. One of the highlights of the evening was when Dawes was brought up on stage to sing “Someday Never Comes,” a collaboration between the two that can be found on Fogerty’s latest album.

Late night was spent listening to Shiny Toy Guns. I remember Shiny Toy Guns with their first album We are Pilots so it was fun to see them in a club setting and lead singer Carah Faye Charnow singing over DJ mixes with an EDM vibe.

Is it the Food?…or is it Us?

In my younger years my parents seemed to constantly (and jokingly) ask me “Do you eat to live?” or “Do you live to eat?” Usually with a face-full of homemade pasta and Sunday sauce (If you’re Italian you KNOW your Sunday sauce/gravy when you taste/smell it- for those who have yet to experience the Sunday Sauce greatness, it’s not your local Olive Garden’s pasta sauce- trust me.), I’d always answer with the same response: I Live to EAT.

This mantra has been the driving force behind my travel and restaurant going activities. When I explore new destinations, I want to taste everything new and different, I want to experience dishes I could not get anywhere else, I want to indulge like the locals do…I want to savor everything. But the headlines in the news this past week has put my words to live by in the forefront of my mind about, not only mine, but society as a whole’s general dining habits. The one story I am referring to is the irony that unfolded at the Heart Attack Grill (as presented below by ABC World News Now)- where a man eating a 6000-calorie meal had an apparent heart attack.

PURE IRONY- right? But also what about When in Rome? (Or in this case Vegas…) When it come’s to eating habits (as well as life) we have the free will to choose what we eat, where we eat it, and when. It’s easy to visit a restaurant, such as the Heart Attack Grill or even those most expensive or high quality restaurant in town, and indulge in food varieties we probably should be staying away from otherwise, but partake in because of that “when in Rome” feeling. I’ve done it- and I’m sure a lot of other people of done it- eat for the experience. This incident of the heart attack from the Triple Bypass Burger will not kill my “eating for the experiences” when I travel, but it does add a sense of awareness to this foodie behavior.


Redefining the Average College Bar

Light beer and cheap shots basically flow through the streets in the typical college town. In Athens, Georgia, Trappeze Pub has been redefining everything you have ever thought, assumed, or experienced at a college bar. If your taste buds are begging for high quality craft beer, you’ve come to the right place.

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