Interview w/ The Revivalists {{Pre-Electric Forest}}

a3-1024x682As we get prepared to make the pilgrimage to Rothbury, MI, for, in our opinion, one of the best music festivals in the country, we called up George Gekas (bassist) of The Revivalists to hear what he had to say about their upcoming performance at this year’s Electric Forest and what he believes makes this, and so many other festivals and venues, so special and universally cherished by music fans and performers alike.

Vinyl Mag: What do you consider to be some of The Revivalists’ key elements to a live performance?

GEORGE GEKAS: I’d probably have to say energy. A lot of people say we give off a high level of energy, and it’s just because we love to do what we do. We’re the kind of band that, the more people we are in front of, the more energy we are going to give off. We love to have crowd participation at 100 percent if possible, and the best way to do that is to show that we’re up there having a good time and giving it our all.

VM: If you could describe The Revivalist’s music in one word, what would you use?

GG: One word is tough…soulful-rock. I know that sounds kind of generic, but we’re a rock band.

VM: Who/what would you say have been the band’s biggest influences?

Read the entire interview at Vinyl Mag


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