TBT: Ms. Lauryn Hill

lauryn-hill-largeIt was early 1999 or late 1998, can’t quite remember, and I had just left Sam Goody (remember those?) with my 1999 Grammy Nominees CD. That CD was the epitome of the end of the 90s. From Brandy and Monica’s “The Boy is Mine” to Madonna’s “Ray of Light” to Natalie Imbruglia’s “Torn,” this was pure 90s gold. Although many artists featured on this album were and still are some of the best artists in the industry, Lauryn Hill is one of those artists who has been making a come back recently.

Ms. Lauryn Hill has been bouncing back from her controversial three month incarceration for tax evasion. Upon her release from prison last October, she has put out a new single and is hitting the festival circuit  this summer; not extensively, but enough to make us notice her again. Her inclusion on the Electric Forest lineup  is what brought Ms. Lauryn Hill into recent light and sparked a personal curiosity in what will be witnessed and heard at the “The Ms. Lauryn Hill Incident” set; an obvious collaboration with the String Cheese Incident.

Take a listen and transport back to 98-99:


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