A Chat With Junior Prom: INTERVIEW

img-junior-prom-ep_100648449004After making waves last fall at CMJ, just fresh off of tour supporting Panic at the Disco, an EP released a couple of weeks ago (Feb. 4), working on their full length, and preparing for SXSW, Mark Solomich and Erik Ratensperger are two very busy individuals. Mark and Erik formed the Brooklyn-based music duo Junior Prom after grinding in bands, rehearsal spaces, and venue halls across the city. Their single “Sheila Put the Knife Down” and the 2013-2014 ESPN College Basketball anthem “International” are both included on their debut Junior Prom EP.

With so much going on, we’re grateful these two took time out of their busy schedule to talk about their EP, the Panic at the Disco tour, and their enjoyment of pop music- no guilty pleasures here!

Vinyl Mag: I’d love to start off and hear about your creative process for this EP.

Mark Solomich: In essence when we started, it was about a year of writing and playing together before we ever played a show, before we played for anybody really. So it took us a long time, trying different things and experimenting. Over the course of that time we made a whole album and scratched it, and then we made this EP. We made this EP after having written and recorded almost thirty songs. It really was a process of trial and error until we finally came across a sound we liked. We were trying to do something new, but really it was a matter of playing in rehearsal space, taking it home and trying different things on the computer, and really experimenting with the sounds; trying to make the guitars not sound as hard and some vocals not sound like vocals. It was a lot of fun and it was free because at the time we did not have a label yet, and we hadn’t booked a show yet.

Erik Ratensperger: And on top of that it was just us instead of a traditional band. It was just the two of us  working on this and trying to figure it out. We both come from bands, we’ve played in bands all our lives, and we’ve arrived at this point where we decided to take things in this direction and this presented new challenges for us on both the live and the production end.

VM: “Sheila Put The Knife Down” and “International” are getting a lot of recognition, I’m a big fan of “Run Around The Back,” I think it’s a great song- Do you guys have any tracks you are particularly proud of or tracks that are your favorites?

MS: When you play songs live, you feel like “I know this one really brings out people.” So that kind of makes you enjoy that song more, but I think like the song “Big Timer” people really react to that song because it’s neat and just the vibe of it….

Check out the entire interview at Vinyl Mag

Watch Junior Prom’s video for their single “Shelia Put The Knife Down”:



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