Couple’s Wedding Tailgate Shower

Clemson Tailgate Shower
Clemson Tailgate Shower

A wedding shower…at a tailgate? “Crazy!”, said some. “I don’t understand?!”, said others.  There was madness behind my genius. Allow me to give you some background. I’m the MOH for my best friend from college’s (we went to Clemson- GO TIGERS!) wedding in this coming May. With half of the bridesmaids and college friends still living in the southeast it would be hard for many of us to make it to the bride’s home state of Ohio for many prior wedding functions.

With the couple’s love of Clemson football and their friends wanting to celebrate their engagement and approaching wedding, a tailgate designed to honor the couple was created. In essence it was the tailgate we were too poor in college to put on ourselves or too drunk to even attempt such a civilized event (just being honest here). Southern chic was the overall theme with a Clemson touch. Hope you enjoy the Pinterest-esq photos and please feel free to leave any questions!

Congrats Jen & Mark!


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