Celia Pavey: This Generation’s Song Bird?

Celia Pavey
Celia Pavey

A few months back I was trolling Reddit and found a video someone had posted of an Australian girl, Celia Pavey, singing her original song Candle in the Night. The chills received from the video were that of knowing someday this girl will be a hit. With such an increase in blog traffic and all of you fine readers out there reading my original post, I decided to do an update, not only to recognize this talent but I personally believe music fans of America need to hear this voice and her not just be remembered by a select few as the girl who had her video shared by a friend on Reddit.

Since January, Pavey has gone through the blind audition process of Australia’s The Voice. Her beautiful rendition of Scarborough Fair is beyond unique and incredible: 

This cover was number 27 on the ARIA singles chart and Pavey is one of three of the contestants who are new talent to ever make it on these charts.

The Voice Austalia Season 2 started back up on April 7. With fingers crossed…Good luck to you Celia!


4 thoughts on “Celia Pavey: This Generation’s Song Bird?

  1. Just to let you know and Update on Celia:
    She has since Won her battle singing A Thousand years by Christina Perri against Anna Wetherup and sung another 3 more songs Woodstock – by Joni Mitchell, Jolene – Dolly Parton & Edelwiess – out of Sound of Music. She is now down to the Final 12 and we are voting madly to keep her in this week – She is Always in the top music charts with all of her song sung on the voice – There are 3 more weeks until the Winner is crowned and we hope its our Celia Pavey. From her Aunty Anne

    • Thank you so much for this update! I don’t know if others have, but I’ve been trying to follow the Australian Voice weekly. Celia’s performance of “Woodstock” and “Edelwiess” were absolutely incredible; nothing short of goosebumps while listening. In my opinion her talent is unmatched and I wish nothing but success for her!

      • Ms. Smith, I was wondering if you knew who to contact to request an interview with Celia. I write for an online publication (Vinyl Magazine) here in the states and would love to interview her for a piece.

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