SXSW Music Recap Day 3: Friday, March 15, 2013

Day 3Friday was filled with music on music on music. But isn’t that how everyday at SX is supposed to be? Awesome, to say the least. This day was full of now new favorite bands and getting to see those I had been waiting and dying to see.

The Windish Agency Annual Day Party @ House of Vans at Mohawk

  • Jetta- Coming all the way to England, Jetta is one of those artists you just feel there are about to explode into the mainstream. She has been compared to the likes of Solange and Florence. She is the former backing vocalist for Paloma Faith and Cee-Lo, and has gained popularity wit her single “Start a Riot”. Listening to Jetta was not a bad way to start out the day. Give her single a listen…
  • K.I.D.S.- Going with the trend and reemergence of sonic pop. Also hailing from across the pond, this due made up of Charles Cave, bassist for White Lies, and Stockholm’s Rosanna Munter, K.I.D.S made their live debut at SX. Their performance that week at Clive Bar was their very first live show…EVER. Not a bad way to kick things off than at SX…
  • Austra- This was actually my second time seeing Austra this week, first was at Hype Hotel where they sounded ok, but really just think the music quality in that warehouse/construction zone was not really conducive for optimum sound quality (endless drinks, yes, epic concert sound, not so much). When you have a lead singer stating something like this below, you’ve got my FULL attention.

“I used to write songs with the intention that people would listen to it in their headphones when they needed to escape. Now I keep the same mentality, but also want people to be able to dance and completely lose themselves in a more physical way. If I can emotionally stimulate the mind and the body through music, I’ll feel like I’ve accomplished something significant.”

I had heard of Austra before, but never seen them live, or even really listened to their music. Their samples online are nothing compared to the energy on those SX stages as they got the crowds in complete dance party mode, even if it was at 3:15, outside, in the sun, on the hottest day of SX.

  • Toro Y Moi- After doing my undergrad at Clemson University in SC, SC is a second home, and I was extremely excited to see some SC represented in Austin via Toro Y Moi (although I now believe he hails from Berkley, CA- all is forgiven). Within his tracks you hear R&B, jazz, funk, all mixed in a package of chill-out pop. The crowd was groovin all afternoon and Toro Y Moi delivered to my expectations.


  • Alt-J (∆)- Holy Crap. What can I say? They were mesmerizing, intoxicating, and unlike anything I have seen. I don’t even know what genre I could even put Alt-J in. Placing a title or genre on this band would be putting them in a box, and they have have already proved they don’t belong in just any old box.  Just give a listen, I promise you won’t regret it.


Time Out North America @ Stubb’s 

  • The Mowgli’s- If you live on the West Coast odds are you have heard the Mowgli’s. If not, get out from under your rock and have yourself a listen. The Mowgli’s came on my radar a couple of months ago and had been excited ever since to see them down in Austin. Now, a warning. Their energy is unlike anything I have seen on stage in a long while and this bubbliness translates greatly over into their music. So if you are not a fan of bubbly, pop, group, almost a reincarnation of the Mamas and the Papas. As one reviewer put it:IMG_2828_Fotor_20130404

The Mowgli’s can’t be introspective because there are eight people singing at any one time. Listening to them is like hitch-hiking and getting invited into a van of smiling hippies without any weird hang-ups.


Their stage presence was one of a group that truly loves each other (as they are pretty much all childhood friends) and loves playing music. Sometimes with bands this is a facade, with The Mowgli’s, you can fell the genuineness and soul of this group. I am in complete hippy bubbly love with The Mowgli’s.

The Madison House Review @ Holy Mountain Backyard 

I’m not really going to review or put my two cents in about these individual groups, pretty much because this was not my first time seeing them. I will say if you want a funky good time and one of these bands is playing near you, don’t miss out!

  • The Revivalists 
  • Soul Rebels


  • JJ Grey & Mofro- With the energy of a Sunday preacher just singing into your soul- this is JJ Grey & Mofro. The stage is his pulpit and music becomes your religion.
  • Ivan Neville’s Dumpstaphunk- Any time you see Dumpstaphunk, it is a guaranteed funky time.
  • Keys N Krates- One of the most impressive electronic groups I have come across. Their set at the MH Party made ma actually excited for electronic music again- which is hard when audiences are completely bombarded with the likes of Skrillex and other forms of robots having sex sounding dubstep. Gross. Although there was a slight bass drop here and there, nothing was in your face. KNK tapped into the ever growing genre of Trap music and brought a vibe that would have started any party.

  • Lance Herbstrong -We only stayed for part of the set, so give yourself a listen and judge for yourself!

2 more SX days of Music left to review!



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