SXSW Music Recap Day 2: Thursday, March 14, 2013

day 2Thursday was a pretty packed day at SX. From the day parties to the the late night showcases, Thursday proved to be one of the best days I had in Austin.

Before getting into the music, I must share this place we went and devoured breakfast/brunch at: BACON. (and yes that is the actual name) As soon as we arrived, the foodie within me leaped for joy. This place was a sure find! They use fresh and locally sourced ingredients and offer a variety of home-cured flavors of bacon.IMG_2758

I sampled some of this infamous bacon (the flavors of Vanilla and something else I can’t quite remember bacon and their 1/4 inch hickory bacon) on some of their breakfast tacos- which by the way, when in Austin one must start the day with breakfast tacos. In addition to brunch, they have great lunch offerings including salads, burgers, etc. All I have to say is if you like bacon and amazing food with a local touch…GO TO BACON…NOW!

Now onto the tunes…

Waterloo Records Day Parties: The Airborne Toxic Event 

  • This alternative indie rock band was delighting the crowd as we walked up from our breakfast of bacon. With the release of their third album, this band is known for their blending of rock and orchestral arrangements. According to the LA Times, their music is “Poetry you can dance to…nothing short of amazing.” I have to agree. 

New West Records SXSW 2013 Day Party @ Threadgills (South) 

sxsw2013-partyThis day party was one of the best- amazing people, great venue, good food, incredible margaritas (probably the best I’ve ever had, thanks to the Threadgills bar staff), and wonderful music…

  • John Hiatt: He is a legend in his own right. He is an American rock guitarist, pianist, singer, and songwriter. He has played a variety of musical styles on his albums, including New Wave, blues and country. Check out his performance from the New West Records Day Party below.

House of Vans at Mohawk: Pacific Air ( San Diego, CA)

  • Pacific Air: You can almost feel the California sunshine and cool sea breezes through this duo’s smooth indie pop sounds. Formerly known as KO KO, Pacific Air caught my attention when I was least expecting it. Their popularity began to rise after Ra Ra Riot remixed their single “Float”. They have opened for bands such as Passion Pit and Ra Ra Riot.

Ninja Tune at Elysium: Jesse Boykins III (NY, NY) & Bonobo (London, UK-England)

  • Jesse Boykins III: One word: SCHWAZA! The word was used that night to encompass the moments that were happening between Jesse Boykins III and the crowd at Elysium that night. The meaning and origin of this special word can be found in this interview Jesse had with Earmilk. His performance was so unique to anything I have really experienced before. With his DJ mixing in the back, Jesse Boykins III took us on a journey with his poetry and energy. His recordings are great, but they do not compare to what everyone at that venue was treated to that night- SCHWAZA!
  • Bonobo: If you are a fan of the sounds of Emancipator and Lotus, then you must already know Bonobo. If not, let me take a minute and introduce you. He is a melodic, down tempo, electronic genius. His hypnotic sounds had the entire venue receptively dancing his entire set. 

APA Electronic at Buffalo Billards: DJ BL3ND (LA, CA) & Paul Oakenfold (LA, CA)

  • DJ BL3ND: What a lunatic. But I think I kind of liked it- I think?, especially at midnight when you’re trying to hang on from a long SX day. Nothing particularly out of the ordinary of what I’ve heard before, hard beats, heavy base, mixes of popular songs, all being made my a mask wearing, champagne spraying DJ hyping up a crowd of maybe 200+. 
  • Paul Oakenfold: What can I say, I was front row of basically the one DJ who introduced house music to the world. He is a two time Grammy nominated DJ, remixer, and his knowledge of the genre and sound of dance music makes him the pioneer of the genre and a game changer for many. Oakenfold’s popularity and style paved the way for many dance DJs to follow. In the world of club/house/trance music, Oakenfold is a legend. Even though not in the ideal venue, with a crowd that only the word SUCKS can be used to describe, it was till worth the time to see this man in action.


Stay Tuned for Day 3 Recap: including reviews of Toro Y Moi, Alt-J, The Mowgli’s, The Revivalists, Soul Rebels, JJ Grey & Mofro, Dumpstaphunk, & Keys N Krates



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