SXSW Music Recap Day 1: Wednesday, March 13, 2013

austinAlthough SXSW has been over nearly a week now, I’ve finally been able to sit down and gather some thoughts about my days spent moving from venue to venue in Austin, being fueled by tacos, redbulls, and bloody-marys (and water of course), being extremely sleep deprived, and having one of the most incredible and memorable music experiences. Even though I’m not starting with SXSW Music’s “day 1,” I’m going to start with my first day at SX…and here we go…

First thing was first- after arrival, pick up wristbands. (I was fortunate enough to have a friend living in Austin get us wristbands) This day was already planned to be one where we would just take everything in, get familiar with downtown and see whoever we happened to see. Did a little stop in to the Hype Hotel. Don’t remember who I saw to be honest, but open bar and free food? I was starting to understand this SXSW thing…

photo copy 6

Later that evening…

VEVO TV CONTROL ROOM: DJ Earworm (San Francisco, CA) & Krewella (Chicago, IL)

First and foremost, I will mention I was not at SX to see electronic focused/dj/blahblahblahcrap/ whatever you would like to call it, BUT to hang out with friends, an open bar, cool party atmosphere- figured I couldn’t go wrong for my first night at SX. I’m not going to even review what I heard or the chaos this party ended up being, but if you want to hear what these two sounded like, literally just youtube them (they sound the same on youtube as “live”.

The rest of the night was just spent moving from venue to venue. Hit up the Paste & HGTV Stage on 6th amongst others. Finished the night off at:

CLUB DE VILLE: Half Moon Run (Montreal, QC) & The Neighbourhood (Los Angeles, CA)

  • Half Moon Run: Caught the tail in of their performance, but buzz around SX is that they are one of those up and coming bands you should look out for. They feed into the trend music is heading into- some say hipster electro jam, I say a progressive electrofused psychedelic journey of complete chill mode. 
  • The Neighbourhood: This band was highly anticipated and the excitement surrounding them was electrifying. As you stood in the crowd there was a sense that you were about to be immersed into their world. This band had it all- sex appeal, delicious pop rock sounds with some hip-hop influence, and that indie vibe so many are really into lately. They were definitely a top favorite for me from SX. 


Check back tomorrow for SX Day 2 in Review!



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