SXSW: Let’s Get Packing

austinI’ll be the first to admit, I’m a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed newbie. I have never been, and besides the thousands upon thousands of people infiltrating the streets of Austin, I’m expecting nothing in order to be surprised. Although SXSW has just begun, my arrival isn’t until a couple more days- giving me some time to prepare after a hell-ish week of midterms only other graduate students could probably relate to (these aren’t your average undergrad midterm weeks folks). To start off my posts about & from SXSW, I thought I’d start with the most pressing issue for me currently:

So what the heck to bring? (and why should you care because I’ve never been…)

Although true, I pride myself on my list making and packing abilities. After talking and doing a little research of my own, here are the essentials that I’m bringing:

  • WATER & Hydrate!: From other festival experiences I’m going with a camelback- killing two birds with one stone: a small bag to have throughout the entire day and water to keep me going.
  • COMFY SHOES: I’m not a tennis shoe person, and probably never will be unless we’re talking about going to the gym here. I got some of the most comfy sandals & Sanuk Sidewalk Surfers- I’ll let you know how this goes
  • MINTS/Colgate Wisps: Mints are a given, but these Colgate Wisps have saved me time and time again in my travels. Both are essential when meeting & talking to people, say after eating all those breakfast tacos?
  • COCONUT WATER/EMERGEN-C/ALLERGY MEDS: To me, coconut water is the nectar of the Gods. Got a hangover? It will cure it. Feeling dehydrated like a desert, drink some of this and you’ll be hydrated like a fish. Starting & ending the day with one doesn’t sound like a bad idea. Emergen-c in a hope to ward off the South By SCURVY/SARS or whatever airborne diseases contracted during this week. And the ever faithful allergy meds, just in case.
  • PROTEIN BARS: pack one or two for the day, incase you miss out on the tacos/BBQ/Burgers, etc…don’t want to be hungry
  • ANTI-BAC, self explanatory
  • CHARGERS/BACKUP JUICE: I’m bringing extra chargers, portable chargers to keep my phone up and going. Also, make sure to pack these extras with you each day!
  • BUSINESS CARDS: but don’t make it rain with your business cards. MEET PEOPLE. and make these connections count
  • RAINCOAT: Apparently it rains at least one day, don’t be left out in the rain, literally.
  • NEUTROGENA MAKEUP WIPES: I’m partial to this brand, and any girl knows these or any other kind make for a great face refresher
  • CASH $$$$$: This coming from the girl who NEVER carries cash, I’ve been told “BRING CASH”
  • ATTITUDE of GO WITH THE FLOW: going back to expect nothing and be surprised, I have parties I would love to go be in, but if I don’t get in in, it’s not the end of the world. There is so much going on this week that you will always be missing out on something, so just have fun, enjoy and make the most out of every moment of where you are.



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