SHOW REVIEW: EOTO @ The Georgia Theatre 2.28

IMG_0543 copy

Last night I had the opportunity to cover the EOTO show at the GATH in Athens, GA. Not only was it an honor and pleasure to photograph the show and hear Eoto’s mesmerizing energy filled jams all night, it was amazing and I’m ever grateful for getting to hang out with these fine men behind the music, crew & musicians alike.

To new friends and the best industry to work in- Cheers!


On the eve of a month that many of us consider to be the start of the season of spring, a flower was in full bloom. Instead of promises of warmer weather, the blooming spectacle of EOTO’s iconic lotus flower stage promised concertgoers a night of seemingly endless body-moving jams. The duo, comprised of Jason Hann and Michael Travis, both members of the acclaimed jam band The String Cheese Incident, played the Georgia Theatre in Athens on February 28. The electro-jam show was a complete improvised, free-formed, and live mixed party….READ MORE


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