Candle in the Night, Celia Pavey Lights Up the Online Music Community

578434_476125945765258_1408169037_nEveryone has experienced this moment. The moment where you sit down to listen to a song or an artist you have never heard before, press play, and in mere milliseconds you are captivated. Whether it be the words, the transcendental vocals, or the instrumental accompaniment that initially grabs your attention, it almost feels like the music in those seconds are speaking to your soul.

This moment for the music lover is exciting. You begin to listen with eager ears and at song completion you are begging for more. Thanks to a post made on Reddit yesterday, the world has been introduced to Australian singer/songwriter Celia Pavey, and many music lovers around the world simultaneously experienced  this “moment”.

Initial impression to Pavey’s voice is that it radiates a smooth as velvet sound that beckons attention and draws the listener deep into the lyrics being sung. From the collection of her videos available on YouTube, Pavey has the essence of a young, fresh, & new Nora Jones.

Her video “Candle in the Night” is what has been causing much excitement between music lovers online. To understand the impact of this video share on Reddit, Pavey’s YouTube video yesterday was close to around 2,000 views. Today, that same video has over 240,000 views.

YouTube has played host to the rise of pop sensations such as Justin Bieber, Psy, and Lana Del  Rey, and now possibly, and hopefully, Celia Pavey. Only time will tell what will come of this singer/songwriter, but many of those who have fallen in love with her voice in the last 24 hours will be keeping a hopeful and encouraging eye out for Ms. Celia Pavey.

Good Luck to you Celia!

To learn more about Celia:



She is currently not signed with any record label.


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