9 more weeks…

And the countdown hits the single digits with only about 9 more week to go until the Forest. So here’s a looksie at some more artists from the lineup…

Nathaniel Rateliff – I have loved Mumford and Sons from even before their mainstream beginning, and if you too love that nostalgic folk storytelling set to  melancholy melody than it may be worthwhile for you to take a minute and take a listen to Nathaniel Rateliff. On his latest album, In Memory of Loss:

…These thirteen tracks, with their soulful minimalism, certainly make sense. Hints of the music he grew up on – Van Morrison, Muddy Waters, the Beatles—shine through. (Album closer “Happy Just To Be,” with its pounding piano chords, is a close cousin to the Lennon-penned “Across the Universe.”) Yet Rateliff is also at home in what may be called, for lack of a better term, the neo-folk revival. His voice is so confident that you can occasionally imagine the music dropping out entirely, a song propelled solely by Rateliff’s a capella strengths—equal parts church spiritual and TV on the Radio riffing on the Pixies’ “Mr. Grieves

Adventure Club -sometimes dubstep gets a bad rap, I would know- I’be done a lot of the trash talking. But I do greatly appreciate when a DJ/group/duo/whathaveyou can come a long and change my perceptions created by other artists that don’t necessarily jive with my musical tastes. Adventure Club has been one of those DJing duos who have done exactly like. All I can say is where have they been? and how have I not known about them? From now on there’s joyous listening from here on out.

Afrolicious – There is nothing I like more than a live instrumental band mixed with a DJ. Afrolicious is San Francisco based collective who perform live with a ten piece band and also as a dj duo with live percussionists and MCs. Such a great find!

Virtual Boy -You had me at Harry Potter. Harry Potter?? you may be asking. Yes. Harry Potter. If you don’t believe me check it out for yourself below…

Virtual Boy’s stylishly oddball set of influences is what happens when two talented young classical musicians discover their shared passion for dusty vintage synthesizers, new electronic-music genres, classic formalwear, and girls that look like they could star in a ‘60s Godard movie.

The Funk Ark -Funk, Boogie, Samba, Afro-beat, jazz, hip-hop, pure genius. This is the Funk Ark. And can we mention talented?

Franki Chan-This DJ and record label is best known for his fedora, thick-rimmed glasses, illustrations, and music. He is the Godfather of IHEARTCOMIX that has unearthed the sounds of such artists like Matt & Kim, Designer Drugs, Toxic Avenger, and HEARTSREVOLUTION.

Franki Chan holds close the ideals and vision that has brought him to the forefront of his craft, seamlessly merging music and art by way of live performances and comics; all of which contribute to creating a pop-renegade aesthetic that defines the energy and unpredictability of the man himself. This post-digital renaissance artist has created an empire of all the things he loves and is.


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