A New Rey of Sunshine

We’ve all heard time and time again that sometimes fiction is better than reality. In this case, I happen to agree. The self-proclaimed Lolita and 40’s pin-up image of Lana Del Rey is all voice, and not to mention oozes a sexy darkness.

Lana Del Rey (originally Lizzy Grant, aka Elizabeth Grant) received much online and blogger hate surrounding the release of “Video Games” and “Blue Jeans” late last year. She received the bashing for everything from transforming Lizzy to Lana by going under the knife, to possibly creating fictitious aspects of her life, to the a portrayal of young Americana life that may just be made up for that album…but who cares? If she wants a nose job, if she wants to sing about trailer parks, cocaine, only NY and LA, bad men…who cares. If it sounds good, I care- and I care about Lana Del Rey.

To get an understanding of what Ms. Lana Del Rey is about let me provide this excerpt from the LA Times:

Were we allowed a glimpse of Lana Del Rey’s imaginary shopping list based on the references within her debut album, “Born to Die,” we would see, scribbled in pen with each “i” flower-dotted: Diet Mountain Dew, cocaine, Bacardi rum, a white Pontiac, heart-shaped sunglasses, a Bugatti Veyron sports car, cigarettes, a Jesus for the dashboard, Cristal champagne, Chevron gas, maraschino cherries (for tongue-tying the stems, of course), Pabst Blue Ribbon on ice, and cherry Schnapps.

The essence of Amy Winehouse is there, although emotionally less fulfilling, it does leave you wanting more of Lana Del Rey’s sultry voice. In the opinion of my amateur ears, I think she’s got it- great sound, curious lyrics, the do-what-she-wants attitude, the look- it’ll keep me listening. But Lana Del Rey falls short in convincing the majority of this young fictitious character she has created- all I ask is try to believe (and just avoid her SNL performance, that I’ll agree with was not the best).

Born To Die (2012)

  1. Born to Die
  2. Off To The Races
  3. Blue Jeans
  4. Video Games
  5. Diet Mountain Dew
  6. National Anthem
  7. Dark Paradise
  8. Radio
  9. Carmen
  10. Million Dollar Man
  11. Summertime Sadness
  12. This Is What Makes Us Girls
  13. Without You
  14. Lolita
  15. Lucky Ones

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