10 weeks to go…

It almost feels like we’re coming into the homestretch…almost. But just because we aren’t quite there yet, doesn’t mean the excitement is any less. So here’s the next go around of artists in the original line up- let’s check them out…

Brothers Past – blending electronica, rock and pop is what some may say Philadelphia’s Brothers Past does best. It’s been quoted that they “play a well-crafted, electronic indie-rock tune and then follow it with a deep, dark jungle jam to work the crowd into a dance frenzy,”- sounds great to me, I mean this is the ELECTRIC forest right? They have played the stage at Bonnaroo and will now be venturing to the Electric Forest to enhance our listening pleasures. With the New York Press dubbing Brothers Past as, “The square-jawed, bastard child of Pink Floyd with a gigantic stage show,” from their Bonnaroo performance, that statement alone makes me extremely curious. Check them out below and have a listen for yourself…

HOTTUB – Disco rap, and that pretty much explains it. Personally [as all of these blog posts are based on personal preference] I’m not sure if I could really get into HOTTUB. Props to these ladies as they apparently deliver an off the charts enthusiastic live energy through their performances.- But I may have to explore my other options for when they are scheduled- just not my musical taste, right now.

Zoogma – Zoogma…Zoogma….Zoogma…what can I say? I have yet to see them live…but I know I will be seeing them either in/or at both the Forest and/or at Gnarnia The Festival. Everyone I know who has seen them raves about them all the time, and that’s enough evidence for me, being that I tend to gain some of my musical insight from particular “music snobs” [sorry guys- you know it’s true]. Zoogma blends DJ sounds with a four piece rock group- yes, please, and thank you. Just take a listen for yourself…

Cherub – According to Cherub members, they have a common goal.. to share a little bit of sex, a little bit of drugs, and a whole lot of love with people across the globe- well then, welcome to festival season? Described as a sexy, avant-garde, electro-pop duo that is the dance love-child of 80’s funk, and pop-music from the future…this could defiantly be a fun performance to catch. Doses & Mimosas anyone? Just the pick-me-up for any morning…

Frank Mitchell Jr. – Disco baby, disco. As a master saxophone player, he has played with both See-I and Thievery Corporation, but has now has his own solo music project. His “Booty Lock EP represents a rebirth and a new movement in funk and soul”. If Studio 54 is calling your name- you have found the man for you.

The Knocks– Being that I grew up with NYC in my backyard I may have a bias to most music that comes out of that great city…let me make a correction, a bias to most GREAT music that comes out of that city. So I must say I could probably get down to The Knocks. “They’ve been declared by the NME as one of the “20 hottest producers in music” and are now one of the most buzzed-about duos on the dance circuit. Described as “midway between David Guetta and Daft Punk” by The Guardian and hailed as “cred-pop’s answer to the Neptunes” by the NME.” Funky, fun, and just my style.


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