If you haven’t heard of them…

Last night the 40 Watt Club in Athens, GA, was awed by the band the Head and the Heart. If you haven’t heard of them- go now -> google, itunes, spodify, pandora, anything them -> and hear what you have been missing.

Their songs are perfectly described on their website: “The songs resulting from those first inspired months pick at the multicolored threads of leaving home, finding home, and through that process of deconstruction, finding yourself. These are songs about crossing rivers and roads to get to the one you love, about family far away, and the desire to chase Technicolor dreams down foreign horizons.” If you’re a fan of folk-pop…you are in for a real delight.

Check out their website for their remaining tour dates, including opening for DMB this spring!


2 thoughts on “If you haven’t heard of them…

  1. I had never heard of this band before but I’ve got to say that I’m intrigued. My favorite band is The Avett Brothers, who have also opened for DMB, so you could say I have a soft spot for folk-hybrid bands. Thanks for putting these guys on my radar!

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