14 weeks until the Forest

With 14 weeks remaining it’s time to start thinking about the artists who will be gracing the forest with their presence. I’m not claiming to be any kind of music expert here- I consider myself to be open to all types. This post and those that will follow will just be based on my own personal preferences. So in other words, If I don’t like a particular artist my apologies to their fans, because through your eyes they probably kick ass.

Starting with the initial Electric Forest lineup, starting with the bottom up, this post is going to take a look at DJ SOLO, Ataxia, The Crane Wives, Secrets, WALA, and Human Agency- Who are they? What are their sounds? And most importantly, am I going to go listen?

DJ SOLO– Hailing from Chicago this self proclaimed ” Half electronic bass-head, half punk-rocker-anarchist and all around mad scientist,” is all of that and more. As he paves the way with dubstep/drumstep and the mass scene, he is known for his turntablism, trick mixing techniques, and his performances. He is a member of the SOUL ASSASSINS and Chalice Dubs, and has produced for the likes of Everlast, Planet Asia, Adil Omar, and others.

First off, I must say I’m a sucker for mashups/remixes, but when it comes to some dubstep, and I don’t know if picky is even the right word, but I’m picky- honestly, I have to be in a certain mood for some of it and some beats just don’t really do it for me. But if you love mashups and love you some dubstep- DJ SOLO might just be a prime choice for you. – Click on his website linked above and check out some freebie songs for your enjoyment- enjoy the face melting

Ataxia– Alright boys, now we’re talking. I’m originally from New Jersey, so by default electronic dance music is in my blood. I defiantly wouldn’t mind checking out this dance music duo at the Forest. Check them out and be pleasantly surprised, could defiantly see chilling to Ataxia or listening to them to get the party started.

 The Crane Wives– This is what I love about the Electric Forest: on one hand you have all the artists that live up the “ELECTRIC”ness of the forest, but on the other, you have those who are folk, bluegrass, indie, etc; and this is where the Crane Wives fit in with their indie-folk sounds. Their album “Safe Ship, Harbored” debuted in April 2011.

Secrets– I don’t know if my research skills are lacking, but I couldn’t figure out what Secrets will be the one performing at the EF- so if anyone wants to point me in the right direction please feel free!

WALA-Ok, I’m kind of a fan now and I went a little sharing happy below. Now I said before I’m “picky” with my dubstep, and WALA is just my speed (even though some sound clips were a little bass heavy for my liking, I couldn’t get enough of the 3 I shared below). Her music is that of heavy bass infused with middle-eastern and Indian sounds and I can say I’m excited to check her out come Forest time.

Human Agency–  Upon reading that Human Agency has shared the stage with the likes of Emancipator, Shpongle, RJD2, The New Deal, and Little People- I had an inkling I would be liking their sounds. Reminded me a lot of Emancipator and could defiantly just chill to their music. This Denver duo “cultivate organically sampled production and rhythms, while infusing them with a chemical twist. Using dance styles and instrumental performances, they are formless in style and pool listeners from many sounds”. – I’d say this is another one added to the list for viewing pleasure at the Forest!


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