Is it the Food?…or is it Us?

In my younger years my parents seemed to constantly (and jokingly) ask me “Do you eat to live?” or “Do you live to eat?” Usually with a face-full of homemade pasta and Sunday sauce (If you’re Italian you KNOW your Sunday sauce/gravy when you taste/smell it- for those who have yet to experience the Sunday Sauce greatness, it’s not your local Olive Garden’s pasta sauce- trust me.), I’d always answer with the same response: I Live to EAT.

This mantra has been the driving force behind my travel and restaurant going activities. When I explore new destinations, I want to taste everything new and different, I want to experience dishes I could not get anywhere else, I want to indulge like the locals do…I want to savor everything. But the headlines in the news this past week has put my words to live by in the forefront of my mind about, not only mine, but society as a whole’s general dining habits. The one story I am referring to is the irony that unfolded at the Heart Attack Grill (as presented below by ABC World News Now)- where a man eating a 6000-calorie meal had an apparent heart attack.

PURE IRONY- right? But also what about When in Rome? (Or in this case Vegas…) When it come’s to eating habits (as well as life) we have the free will to choose what we eat, where we eat it, and when. It’s easy to visit a restaurant, such as the Heart Attack Grill or even those most expensive or high quality restaurant in town, and indulge in food varieties we probably should be staying away from otherwise, but partake in because of that “when in Rome” feeling. I’ve done it- and I’m sure a lot of other people of done it- eat for the experience. This incident of the heart attack from the Triple Bypass Burger will not kill my “eating for the experiences” when I travel, but it does add a sense of awareness to this foodie behavior.



7 thoughts on “Is it the Food?…or is it Us?

  1. WOW! I actually saw this place on either a Travel Channel or Food Network show. That is so crazy a person had a heart attack at the Heart Attack Grill! What a job for the PR practitioner!!

  2. The grill seems to have prided itself on the calorie controversy of their menu and seems to have used it as a marketing strategy to get customers in the doors. With such an approach, it begs one to think if, how, and maybe when they may use this unfortunate incident to their advantage.

  3. Due to sworn secrecy I cannot reveal the intimate details of the family recipe. I will say though, that there is some sweating of some onions, tomato paste, crushed tomatoes, fresh herbs, and an unexpected addition of a vegetable that grows in the ground- root vegetable, maybe? potato, possibly? I’ll leave that one to you’re imagination!

    Sunday sauce is pure comfort- whether you want to call it sauce or gravy, we always call it sauce. It’s name comes from the many hours the [pasta] sauce will cook on the stove on Sunday and would be ready to be devoured sometime after mass {church}. It’s pure. It’s simple. It’s delicious. It’s Italian.

  4. First, I think you bring up a great point about eating for the experience only to a certain point! I don’t think the Heart Attack Grill is wrong in using its high calorie offerings to fill the seats at the restaurant. If people don’t want the Heart Attack Grill to stay in business, don’t go!

    Second, can we have Sunday supper at your house soon with Sunday sauce please?

  5. As a person who believes in food, even if it’s sandwiched between two Krispy Kreme Donuts, it is my understanding that even heart attacks shouldn’t stifle food creativity. Sure you can dream it up, but that doesn’t mean that I’ll eat it, and certainly shouldn’t mean that I’ll finish it. That responsibility should be shouldered by the eaters of food instead of the pie-in-the-sky chefs.

    Don’t feel the appreciation for food that defies normal eating? Allow me to direct to

    It will blow your mind in delicious, disgusting ways.

  6. WOW…mind blown. thanks for the share, I think…! But I do agree with you, food is a creative outlet and if that means mach and cheese stuffed cheeseburger stuffed between two grilled cheese sandwiches, etc, ect…then I’m for it! East at your own risk!

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