Music Snobbery & the Grammys

Some self proclaimed music snobs tend to turn their noses up when it comes to the music genre of the Top 40 or popular music events & awards shows like the Grammys. Snob or not, there is no denying that quality talent can be found with in this mainstream music realm as well as the not so mainstream. I could sit here and write about every deserving artist (both Grammy nominated and those not even in sight of a radio station play), but based on the Grammy Nominees and Winners I’ve chosen to highlight three artists that always tend to bring a smile to my face.

Adele– Needless to say, for those who did not know Adele before tonight’s sweep of the Grammy’s- where have you been for the past two years? Too often, the negativity aimed at Adele’s songs comes from over play on the radio, but by taking a deeper look into her albums one will find lyrics and melodies that will resonate with the emotional trials and tribulations of real life. Off her first album (19) one cannot ignore the depth of songs such as “Chasing Pavements,” “Best for Last,” and “Hometown Glory.”  On her now multi-Grammy winning album (21), don’t be hesitant due to the “over played” singles- listeners will find delight in songs like “Rumor Has It,” “Turning Tables,” and “Set Fire to the Rain.”

Mumford & Sons– My infatuation for this band runs deep; Hailing from across the pond in West London this quartet has sounds ranging from folk to bluegrass to indie. Their first single “Little Lion Man” was released from their praised album Sigh No More. Once again, this is a band who has been haunted by the single overplay on popular radio. If you enjoyed “Little Lion Man,” the rest of the album will captivate your soul and move your emotions. Songs worth listening to off this album include- “Sigh No More,” “White Blank Page,” “Awake My Soul,” and “After the Storm.”

Tedeschi Trucks Band– Winner of: Best Blues Album for the album: Revelator- This wife and husband duo singer/guitarist Susan Tedeschi and guitarist Derek Trucks are deeply rooted in the blues but one cannot ignore tones of rock and jazz. Last June they released the now Grammy winning album Revelator filled with blues, funk, soul, and a whole lot of enjoyment. I recommend checking out this entire album, even more so, if you hear of Tedeschi Trucks Band performing nearby trust that the show will be one  not to miss (as you can see below from their performance in Spartanburg, SC, last August).


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