Music Reality Check

Fashion, food, art, love, housewives, and music- they’ve all been plagued by reality television. Not long ago (well, depending if you think 10 years ago is long ago or not) I remember my teenage self with my high school best friends crowded around a small television in my friend’s childhood bedroom, that happened to be plastered wall to wall with Backstreet Boys posters, on pins and needles waiting and counting down the seconds to see the winner of the first American Idol season revealed. “The American Idol 2002 is…Kelly Clarkson” ::insert loud teenage girl shrieks followed by popcorn exploding all over the room::

Music reality TV shows/contests have come a long way since that moment…and not for the best- American Idol has had it’s fair share of scandals over the years: everything from alleged secret affairs to major music stars calling the show racist to lip-syncing. To many audience members the show itself and the judges’ banter was getting old quick.

Since it’s first season, and now in its second, The Voice is continuing to give a new breath of fresh air to this genre of reality television; and to many, American Idol cannot even compare. Even for a self proclaimed music snob, one cannot resist theĀ genuineness and God given talent that has been performing on the stage of The Voice. If you haven’t tuned it, I advise you to do so and quickly- you will not be disappointed and you’re time will not be wasted.


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