The Next Wave: Pinterest

Addictive is an understatement. “Just until I get to the bottom of the page then I’ll stop…Ok one more refresh and one more scroll through…” Sometimes I almost feel like how did we ever live without this thing we call PINTEREST? But whoever thought up of this idea was a genius; not because I can waste hours of my personal time (time I probably should be reading literary articles for my grad classes) and not because I can keep everything that relates to my individual identity, likes, desires, aspirations, etc. all in one collected organized place, but because this is the next step in social media- format, use, direction-everything. Though the user can share his/her likes, the posting (or in this case pinning) is less than the usual Facebook BAM IN YOUR FACE THIS IS WHAT I DID THIS WEEKEND AND NOW IT’S ALL OVER YOU’RE NEWSFEED, and more personal and not so invasive. From these personal pins to user collaborations, those in the social media fields take note.


3 thoughts on “The Next Wave: Pinterest

  1. For those who may not know what Pinterest is, it’s an online pinboard; just like a cork pinboard you may have at home, only with endless “pinning” and organizing possibilities. You are able to have numerous boards for different categories (for example food recipes, anything music related, wedding ideas, etc) and then designate pins (which are pictures and small descriptions that once clicked on will lead you to specific websites) to your corresponding boards.

    To start, the user must be invited by a current user of Pinterest or request an Invite to the website- requests should only take a few hours at most. Once registered, the entire Internet and all its content is at your finger tips ready to be categorized and organized by user discretion.

    The user is able to browse pins from other users/”friends” as well as the entire Pinterest site. In order to create your own pin, it’s as easy as clicking the Add+ at the top right of the page, pasting the web address you would like to save (this is similar to those who have used, only more creative and aesthetically appealing), choosing an image from that website to represent the address, write a small description and VOILA! new pin added into the world of Pinterest.

    Happy Pinning!

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