Attending sporting events in the North has always meant breaking out the jeans, jerseys, T-shirts, and sweatshirts. After spending my college years, and now my graduate years, in the South, I have slowly learned to adapt to the ritualistic habits of college game days. I remember my first college game day at Clemson University and being asked the age old question, “What are you going to wear to the game?” “Uh, shorts and a T-Shirt?” I responded. “That’s not acceptable,” was the reply. From that game day on, I have found my self dressing up for every home  football game in the fall without really understanding why I was dressing up. Everyone does it…BUT WHY?

Hope you enjoy my article in the search to answer that WHY…


A big thank you to HolyTurf.com and Football101Women.com for picking up my article.



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